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Course Selection

Course Selection for Grades 10-12

The Course Selection process for high school students will begin on Friday, January 26, 2024, with a presentation from our guidance department during RtII. All incoming 10th-12th graders will receive their course selection sheets in first period that day and will have access to the 2024-2025 L-S HS Course Selection Guide as well as the Course Selection Presentation. We encourage all students to review and use these tools when completing their course selection for next school year. We have also implemented the use of Course Recommendations, where teachers will digitally record students’ core course recommendations for next year. We believe this will assist students in selecting appropriate core courses that help students complete requirements and work towards the appropriate course progression for graduation. Finally, we encourage all students to speak with their teachers, counselors, parents, siblings, and mentors when selecting courses for 2024-2025. Parents, should your son/daughter have a question about their course selection for next year, please have them contact their guidance counselor to make an appointment, and we will be sure to help them make the right selections.

Course Selection Timeline

January 26 - Students receive Course Selection sheets during first period

January 26 - Course Selection Presentation during RtII period (TV)

January 26 - Course Selection Window opens for 10th-12th graders

February 9 - Course Selection Window closes for 10th-12th graders

Course Selection Guide

Course Selection Sheets


For specific questions related to course selection, please get in touch with your child's guidance counselor:

Edward Krasnai
(last names A-G)

Claudine Hart  
(last names H-O)

Alexis Ream
(last names P-Z)