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LSHS Artists Excel in 2024 LCYA Awards

LSHS Artists Excel in 2024 LCYA Awards

Seventeen talented LSHS artists earned recognition in the 2024 Lancaster County Young Artists competition. 


12 high school artists posed in school art hallway


Lancaster County Young Artist Award Winners (from left): Alice Buffington, Claire Eckert, Jacqueline Kunitsky, Elisabeth Reinhart, Emily Lapinsky, Madeline Ross, Rachael Mann, Bella Heyser, Lillian O'Bannon, Gianna Fasano, Ava Weit, and Matalyn Zook
not pictured: Allys Rodriguez, Ryann Logan, Julia Gerald, Lilianna Sanderson, and Isabella Wiggins


Congratulations are in order for 17 talented L-S High School artists, who racked up five gold awards,10 silver awards, and 22 honorable mentions for a total of 40 awards in this year’s Lancaster County Young Artists (LCYA) competition.*

Among this year’s standouts are seniors Ava Weit and Elisabeth Reinhart. Ava received a total of eight awards: a silver award for their portfolio, two gold awards for painting, two silver awards for digital art, and three honorable mentions for painting. Elisabeth received a total of five awards - three silvers and two honorable mentions - for ceramics, and her portfolio won this year’s Mitch Lyons Clay Scholarship. Elisabeth’s work will be featured on the Red Raven Emerging Artist Wall this summer. 

All winning student artwork will be displayed at the Lancaster Museum of Art from Saturday, March 9, to Sunday, April 7. The LCYA Awards opening is scheduled for Friday, March 8, from 5-8 p.m. 

LCYA Award Winners


Gold Awards

five pieces of artwork: two ceramic, 1 drawing, 1 painting

Gold Awards(clockwise from top left): Ava Weit, B&W Still Life Pink, painting; Ava Weit, Face of Freedom, painting, Matalyn Zook, Self Referential Gossip, painting; Madeline Ross, Modern Consumerism's Effect on a Family Meal, ceramics; Ryann Logan, Nana's Cat, ceramics


Silver Awards

five pieces of art - ceramics

Silver Awards (clockwise from top left): Lillian O'Bannon, So Like Your Mother, sculpture; Emily Lapinsky, Haniwa Sculpture, ceramics; Elisabeth Reinhart, Flower Meadow, ceramics;  Elisabeth Reinhart, Coral Decay, ceramics; Elisabeth Reinhart, Impressionist Gardens Teapot, ceramics


four pieces of art - two drawings and two paintings

Silver Awards (clockwise from top left): Matalyn Zook, Untitled, drawing; Ava Weit, Waffle House Self Portrait, digital art; Gianna Fasano, Seven of Hearts, painting; Ava Weit, Self Portrait in Green, digital art. Ava Weit's full portfolio, including both pieces above, also earned a Silver Award.



Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions (clockwise from top left): Ava Weit, Sensual Pears, painting; Lillian O'Bannon, Oliver the Frog, ceramics; Madeline Ross, "If it's Goya, It has to be Good," ceramics; Claire Eckert, Mushroom Box, ceramics



Honorable Mentions (clockwise from top left): Isabella Wiggins, Girl Without Earring, painting; Rachael Mann, Still Life, drawing; Ava Weit, Golden Hour Eye on Book Cover, painting; Julia Gerard, Pit Fired Coil Pot, ceramics; Emily Lapinsky, Hairless Cat Canopic Jar, ceramics; Elisabeth Reinhart, Resting Bluebird, ceramics



Honorable Mentions (clockwise from top left): Gianna Fasano, Generations, painting; Gianna Fasano, "You Might Think," painting; Alice Buffington, Worlds Apart, digital art; Elisabeth Reinhart, Ethereal Figure, ceramics


Honorable Mentions(clockwise from top left): Bella Heyser, Wood Fired Pot 2, ceramics; Allys Rodriguez, Pit Fired Coil Pot, ceramics, Lillian O'Bannon, Midnight Geisha, ceramics; Lillian O'Bannon, Burned Mocha, ceramics; Lilianna Sanderson, Wood Fired Coil Pot, ceramics; Lillian O'Bannon, Castle Adventurous, ceramics; Jacqueline Kunitsky, Pit Fired Coil Pot, ceramics


Note: the Scholastic Art Awards, usually announced alongside the LCYA awards, are delayed this year. We will report the results of that competition as soon as they are available.