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Lancaster County CTC

Lancaster County Career and Technology Center

Please see below for the timeline students will follow for orientation to the programs available at the Career & Technology Center.

HS Counselor will visit full day seniors at each CTC campus to provide information about career/college planning.

CTC counselors will give presentations to all juniors about senior programs and to interested sophomores about cluster programs. Students have the opportunity to sign up to tour programs of interest during the presentations.

Students who signed up for tours during the October presentations are transported to each branch of the CTC to learn about their programs of interest. Students receive an application from the CTC after the tours.

Each branch of the CTC hosts an Open House for parents and students.

Early this month, all full day and half-day CTC applications are due to the Lampeter-Strasburg High School Guidance Office.

Students are notified by CTC regarding their application status.

Parents and Students attend "Meet and Greet Night" at the respective CTC campus (details are contained in the acceptance letter).

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